Our client is the holder of several process patents to produce energy using gasification technology. The process patents describe a gasification plant that produces resource-saving and environmental friendly technology with pioneering energy.

This method further allows all types of waste materials to be used as "fuel" and to handle those without any problems. With this system we introduce "fuel" for which’s adoption the operator of the facility is paid. The unique feature of the system is the sustainable and final solution of the waste problem.

The central technical machinery is a "steam reformer" or "water vapor pressure carburetor" as well as a gas turbine generator to produce electricity.

In the steam reformer, the materials and water vapor are imported under pressure. In an allothermic process at temperatures above 700 °C oxidizes the carbon stored in the pellets. The resulting synthesis gas contains mainly hydrogen and to a lesser extent carbon oxygen compounds besides traces of other residual gases and nitrogen compounds. The proportion of hydrogen gas is about 50%.

This synthesis gas is converted into electricity with the help of a displacement turbine that is only available to our clients. The special feature here is that this turbine, in contrast to all other gas and steam turbines, needs no gas cleaning, has double energy efficiency through the use of various intelligent cycles "such as a turbocharger" and already works effectively at a rated speed of 1500 rpm. Therefore, this type of turbine is robust and requires almost no maintenance.

U.S.P. Waste 2 Energy:

  • New secure future earnings potential
  • Paid-fuel (domestic or industrial waste)
  • Triple problem solving:
    • input from industry, corporate and domestic waste = largest unsolved problem in all industrialized societies
    • energy output achieves independence from fossil fuels
    • Environmental neutral production process
  • Waste management in industrial companies with simultaneous self-power supply
  • Extremely scalable (eg, 2 x sea container = 1 unit of processing capacity of 36,000 tons / year)