Biomasse dryer

Biomasse dryer


  • Biomass dryer for horse- or cattle dung, mushroom compost etc.
  • Multi-chamber system for very fast drying operations
  • Shock drying of material by loosening and swirling the material
  • Very high drying temperature (> 300 °C)
  • Compact, simple design with 7 meter in length
  • Unlimited combinations due to a modular and expandable design
  • Distribution of biomass as a high-priced fertilizer or
  • after pelletizing sale as fuel


  • Output of 25 kW to 1000 kW+
  • Optional with external combustion chamber combined with biomass pellet burner
  • High turnover of 250 kg to 3400 kg / hr. of wet biomass put in
  • Deep drying of biomass up to 95% TS economically feasible
  • Sanitation of the dried material to the greatest possible extent
  • Extremely low power consumption (only 0.5 kW per liter evaporation rate)


  • 100% utilization of exhaust heat by direct connection to exhaust duct / exhaust of CHP engines
  • 100% Bonus for CHP heat according to EEG 2009
  • Increase of the efficiency of cogeneration plants that lack a heat recovery concept
  • Use of biomass for drying various possible
  • Significant efficiency advantage over other drying systems
  • High efficiency through
  • High efficiency through
    • small size,
    • easy maintenance by agricultural machinery technicians and
    • low energy consumption.